Optimization Platforms

I have been working for more than two decades on the development of optimisation platforms, including programming and modelling languages and libraries for optimisation. I designed and implemented (some with Laurent Michel)

  • the CHIP system which is the foundations of all modern constraint-programming systems and is a Cosytec product;
  • the Numerica system for global optimisation;
  • the OPL optimisation language, which is the first modelling language for constraint programming and hybrid optimisation and is now an IBM product;
  • the Comet system, an object-oriented programming language which supports constraint-based local search, constraint programming, and mathematical programming.
  • The objective-CP system, built on top of Objective-C and Swift, which features both a solver independent front end and a microkernel backend.

Several of these systems have all been commercialised and described in MIT Press books. My current focus is on the design of micro-kernels for optimisation, optimisation over complex objects, and sophisticated hybridizations.

Recent Publications