LANL-UM Critical Infrastructure Fellowship (LAMCIF)

Los Alamos National Laboratory and the University of Michigan are pleased to announce the formation of the LANL-UM Critical Infrastructure Fellowship (LAMCIF) for PhD studies. The LAMCIF supports research into the fundamentals of combinatorial optimization, control theory, statistics and machine learning necessary to address emerging questions in critical infrastructure including, but not limited to, electric power, natural gas, transportation, and water. Supported projects include discrete, nonlinear, stochastic, chance constraints, robust and ODE/PDE-constrained optimization as applied to such problems as operations aware and physics-constrained network design, resilient systems, system dynamics, network and parameter reconstruction/learning, interdependent systems, and optimal operations.

The duration of the fellowship is up to five years, subject to meeting progress measures in the Michigan PhD program. A candidate is expected to spend at least two summers and three academic semesters at LANL. Candidates are expected to have bachelor of science in operations research, industrial engineering, computer science, applied mathematics, physics, statistics or similar field. The candidate should have a strong background in software engineering.  In addition to the requirements of the Michigan PhD program, applicants should provide a one page research statement that supports the goals of the fellowship.


  • Russell Bent (LANL)
  • Pascal Van Hentenryck (Michigan)